George Teague, Jr.
George Teague, Jr. is a lifelong world class horse trainer.  He and his sister Brenda are originally from Melfa, VA. George's dad was an acomplished horseman and thus, George and Brenda both grew up in the world of harness racing.  George and his family currently reside in Harrington, DE. 
The "Teague Stable and Farm" in Harrington is a world class facility and the home of his World champion, WIggle It JIggleit plus numerous other great racehorses including Mozzi Hanover - dam of WIJI. Wiggle It Jiggleit is the second "Horse of the Year" for George with Rainbow Blue being the first back in 2004.  The Teague stable is the most regimented racing and breeding operation with loyal trainers such as Clyde Francis and caretakers such as Michael Taylor -  caretaker of the year in 2015 - and many others. George has a zero tolerance attitude for his staff when it comes to work regimen.  They work hard all day in a family environment with total respect for George. 
George is excited about the ability to offer ownership positions in his world class horses to the public. He looks forward to greeting his partners this year and for many years in the future.