Is This Limited Partnership Right For You?
For novices and experienced owners, alike.
  • No regular training bills for the first two (2) years of the Partnership.
  • Potential for future ownership of broodmare foals or stallion shares.
  • Continual update on our website of entries and results.
  • Share in "Winner Circle Photo's" and trips to the Teague farm in Harrington, Delaware to see the training operations in person.
  • Meetings at the track on race night including dinner and discussions of the race.
Limited Partnerships in horse racing are for those who cherish the excitement of owning racehorses without the exposure of extensive risk.  As for this partnership, there has never been another partnerhship that starts you off with one of the greatest horses that has ever raced.  You can point with pride to YOUR HORSE when WORLD CHAMPION and 2015 Horse Of The Year, Wiggle It JiggleIt, makes an appearance.
Besides the champ, you get his full sister, an Ohio Stakes winner of almost $200k and additional young horses selected by George Teague, Jr. (the number dependent on the number of partners).  For those who don't know, Wiggle It JiggleIt is the second Horse of The Year from the George Teague, Jr. stable. Rainbow Blue was his first in 2004.  This gives significant credibility to the trained-down two year olds he will be selecting for your Partnership.
As long as you understand that you are purchasing fractional ownership for fractional risk through this limited partnership, you can appreciate that this may be the opportunity of a lifetime.  Tell your business associates and grandkids that you are a part owner of one of the greatest race horses of all time.  As a gelding, his future is all racing.  Can Wiggle It JiggleIt be another Cardigan Bay or Dan Patch?  Can his full sister be another Wiggle It JiggleIt?  
Don't get locked out.  Here's hoping to see you in the Winners Circle along with the rest of the partners.